Online Bonuses

The different types of online bonuses that you will find at an online casino cover quite a spectrum. These different bonuses may be dependent upon who the software provider may be, the type of purchase method as well as many others. Regardless these different bonus offerings are used to gain the attention of players to their online casinos for one main purpose and that is to play.

No Deposit Bonus

I will start to talk first about the No Deposit Bonuses which are used to attract new players to an online casino. These are usually offered to attract player by offering a small bonus offering that could be up to £10 or £15 with no cash deposit required.

Usually you will have to register your Credit Card to take advantage of these No Deposit Bonuses. You will also find that you must wager through your bonus a certain number of times prior to cashing out your winning as well as you must play certain games that meet the wagering requirements for games allowed.

With some online casinos you are offered to take this bonus along with another online bonuses offering such as a Welcome bonus where you will have to make a deposit.

Welcome Bonuses

Most online casinos will offer a Welcome Bonus in one form or another for first time players to their online casinos. There are different versions that may vary from a 100% Matching Bonus, 50% Welcome Bonus to even a 4 Part Welcome Bonus on your first four deposits to their online casino.

As with other online bonuses the Welcome Bonus also has a certain wagering through requirement for play through for both the deposit and welcome bonus or as you will find with the Microgaming online Casinos only the bonus portion. Another requirement is that you must play certain games that meet the wagering requirements for games allowed.

With the Welcome Bonuses they may also be software specific as in the case of Microgaming Bonuses, Playtech Bonuses and RTG Bonuses. You will also find different variations as to the terms with examples such as Microgaming Online Bonuses and Playtech Online Bonuses.

High Rollers Bonuses

For those who play the High Rollers Bonuses remember these online bonuses usually require a substantial deposit as a first time player to an online casino. As an example if you took a £1000 High Rollers Bonus requiring a deposit of £3000 you would more than likely have a wager through requirement of 10 to 20 times prior to cashing out your winnings.

If you look at the wagering through requirement of £40,000 to £80,000 and add the games for wagering requirement then these bonuses are for the High Rollers. If you may afford to play these bonuses okay but most will not afford to play the High Rollers Bonuses.

On Going Bonuses

On Going Bonuses are the different bonuses that are offered by online casinos when you make your deposits by their preferred methods of payment. With the On Going Bonuses they are not offered on your first deposit to an online casino but on subsequent deposits to an online casino.

As other online bonuses you will find the On Going Bonuses also have a wagering through requirement as well as they must meet certain game specific wagering requirements also.

The Ongoing Bonuses will also be offered as either a 10% or 15 % On Going Bonus depending on the method of deposit. You will also find there is a monthly limit of say £250 and a yearly limit of say £2000.

Other Bonuses

Dependent upon the type of bonus above they have also been called Best Gambling Bonuses, Top Gambling Bonuses, New Casino Bonuses as well as numerous other Keyword Terms and Phrases. It is dependent upon in a lot of cases as to what the online gambler has typed into their computer browsers as to what comes up for that search term.

I hope that the above information has been helpful in letting you know as to the different types of online bonuses that are offered by the different online casinos.

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